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Velvet Antler for Joints, Anti-Aging and Athletes.

Deer velvet (humanely harvested fuzz on the antlers) traditionally was used in China over a thousand years ago.  Even today, many oriental countries rely on it for its rejuvenation properties, alleviating of menopause symptoms and as an aphrodisiac. In addition … Continue reading

Got stress? Try an adaptogen.

Our current lifestyles produce multiple scenarios where stress can develop. Even if you don’t think you are uptight, your body may be reacting making you tired, irritable, and lowering your immune response. In order for an herb to be considered … Continue reading

45 million women going through menopause

So many women suffering with menopause. That’s why I wrote my book Aaargh! Menopause. I still deal with post-menopause symptoms which have been mostly eliminated through various supplements, but many of my friends who are at that age are complaining … Continue reading

ED and a natural alternative to stimulating drugs

Dating back many centuries in Asia, men have used velvet antler to fight ED (erectile dysfunction). In that part of the world it is a considered a natural alternative to Viagra. Along with similar pharmaceuticals, Viagra may just solve impotence … Continue reading

Menopausal reduction of hormones and resulting symptoms.

Going through menopause for some women can be a breeze. But, for the rest of us when our hormone levels are dropping, we can get symptoms. A deficiency of one hormone can trigger a relative excess of another and result … Continue reading

Product recommendations

My picks for anti-aging and pain-relieving supplements that I know work!: Alternative to Pills!. I got tired of taking so many vitamin pills.I just kept thinking about all those gelatin capsules that had to be digested in my stomach. I bought … Continue reading


Over 50? We offer anti-aging articles, pet health information and other subjects we think “seniors” want to be aware of. (AARP suggests you are a senior when you are 50!! I’ve been over 50 for awhile so I guess I … Continue reading

Preventing bone loss – an easy primer.

This post is a wee bit long but you need all the info you can get to make a good decision about preventing bone loss. pix: Humans need bones to stay healthy throughout their life. Anyone who is an … Continue reading

The #1 supplement I use

You may not have heard of velvet antler (the humanely harvest rack on a deer) but it has so many good uses I thought I’d mention it. I’ve used it for my knee problems and it has eliminated that bone … Continue reading