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youngercoverPrior to the release of our paperback April 1st, 2016 we are offering a free download PDF version of this title. Once the paper book is out you will be able to get it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble for $10.95. The short video explains why I wrote the book..

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Think and Feel Younger                                                                         Longevity tips for your 60s 70s and beyond.                                                                   By the Anti-Aging Lady, Nina Anderson

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How did we get this old? When you turned 50 AARP came knocking. When you turned 60 those gray hairs and wrinkles took over. When you turned seventy you started thinking about how many days you had left until the grim reaper came around.

But you know you have many, many years left and why spend them as a couch potato. Author, Nina Anderson as the blogmeister Anti-Aging Lady, is well versed in the pitfalls of growing older. In this book she offers her wisdom on keeping a healthy brain, how to cure thinking old, new info on youth promoting supplements, natural help for aching joints and more in a lighthearted but factual way..

Excerpt from Chapter One:  Who thinks you are old?

You’re fiftieth birthday came and guess who knocked on the door? AARP! Yup – now you knew you were “over the hill”. But, you still didn’t feel old so what is that all about?

If you made it through your fifties you had another milestone: sixty. And with that came the realization that your employer is looking to boot you out in a few years. You hope this will not happen until you reach that magic age when the government starts paying you back all that money they’ve been taking from you in the form of social security. Sixty is when you start looking harder at the gray hairs popping out and at the smile lines that seem to grow deeper in your face every month. You write 5’8” in the box that said height on the form during your annual physical, but when you step on the scale and the nurse raises that divine measuring bar and gives you a look that says – really? 5’8”? – you know you’ve shrunk another half-inch or so.

During your sixties you find people laugh about your frequent “senior moments” and you find it’s harder to keep up with your younger running buddies. You notice you waist is a little bigger and the flesh under your arms waves in the breeze a little more, but you’re not old – are you?

Turning seventy can be an “oh sh*#!t moment. Now you start counting the years until they put you in a pine box or until your annuity runs out. It also starts the cycle of watching the obituaries for names of the kids you went to high school with. By now you’ve gotten used to your gray hair (or not, if you colored it) and visits to the dentist usually come with a question about dentures. If you have kids who have kids you start doing the grandparent things. Of course this could happen in your fifties if you had kids when you were younger and that will definitely link you to being one of the elderly set. If you’re like me, you can’t live on the pittance of social security so you still have to work. This can be a blessing because it makes you think you are still young and in the swing of things. The downside is that many of your co-workers listen to that awful music in the break room and constantly sit head down looking into their electronic worlds. There definitely is a generation gap!

If you are lucky enough to be upright and mobile as you age you have many more choices. You could opt to run a few marathons, hike the AT, learn to fly, go back to school, sail around the Caribbean or travel around the world on a cruise ship. Or you can take care of the grand kids while mom and pop work, volunteer at an animal shelter or hospice, donate your time to the garden club or local museum, or tutor students (if you can understand what they are teaching kids today – like the new math). OR – you could just sit around waiting to die. It’s your choice!