Product recommendations

My picks for anti-aging and pain-relieving supplements that I know work!:

Alternative to Pills!. I got tired of taking so many vitamin pills.I just kept thinking about all those gelatin capsules that had to be digested in my stomach. I bought Daily Metrix for my husband because he refused to take all those pills and I found that I am using it to. Daily Metrix is a liquid vitamin complex that has so many of the same ingredients as I have been taking: all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, prebiotics, enzymes, specific nutrients for heart and joints, detox, essential fatty acids and especially the humic and fulvic acids I was taking. The package contains this liquid plus a phospholipid wafer which supports the brain – something anti-agers need! Check it out at

Dehydration is the number one cause of wrinkles and contributes to the demise of our organs and the slow down of the brain. But, just replacing with water and sports drinks doesn’t do it. You need a full spectrum multi-electrolyte forming trace mineral to not only hydrate the body, but hydrate the brain. We think this is the primary supplement you need to squirt in your water to hedge against memory loss and senior moments. electroBlast Sharp Crew Brain Booster $18.99 for 50 drinks.                  Click Here  for more info

The technology behind the full-spectrum Pure-Light Super Oxygen Light™ bulbs has been proven to Breakdown 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold including deadly MRSA, Cold & Flu viruses, E-COLI, SARS, STAPH, CRE, Salmonella, Anthrax, Plague… even those viruses/bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics. New Patent Pending Technology allows it to work indoors for up to 10 years with natural indoor lighting! Additionally, the process breaks down toxic indoor air pollutants like formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, methane, benzine and other VOCs into harmless components.   Click Here

Anyone with joint problems needs this topical cream. It reduces the jointmedic200inflammation and the pain readily which assists the body so it can repair the distressed area. Not only does it have glucosamine and chonddroitin in it, but also MSM and CMO (cetylmyristoleate) which functions as an anti-inflammatory, an immunomodulator which calms down the immune resopnse, and acts as a analgesic pain reliever. This stuff really works. I can attest to it as I’ve used it on my knees for years and I still keep skiing.       Joint Medic $35.95  For more info: Click Here

nzvelAnd if you still have problems with your joints, or if you have low libido, memory problems, fatigue stress and other symptoms this is for you. I have used it for years and along with the Joint Medic it restored my knee functions which were trashed from skiing. We can give you a free e-book download so you can see all the benefits just call us at 888-217-7233. This is the anti-aging tonic of choice in Asia.  New Zealand Velvet Antler (humanely harvested) $49.95 For more info: Click Here

Jiva Extra is our favorite for preventing and even supporting the body during cancer jivaextrapixsmalltreatment is fermented soy (the good kind where the bean becomes digestible because the fermentation process gets rid of the enzyme inhibitor that prevents the body from absorbing it.) Unfermented soy can be estrogenic but not fermented soy so its actually good for women. Plus you get the beneficial isoflavones that fight inflammation and reduce free-radicals. This product also contains three medicinal mushrooms, is non-GMO and contains organic ingredients. You mix in cereal, a shake, yogurt or sprinkle on salad. Jiva Extra supports the immune system, cardiovascular health, including maintaining healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range, helps energy and stamina levels and relief of occasional fatigue. Provides a healthy inflammatory response, helps with  joints, men’s prostate, bone health and symptoms of menopause. Jiva Extra $59.95 30 servings.  For more info: Click Here

This stuff really works….. makes you look years younger and I’m a living agelessgoldtestimonial. The Ageless Secret™ is a magical, miracle, mist that temporarily lifts, firms, tones and hydrates skin… like a beauty mask. he Ageless Secret can be worn all day, every day, because it is invisible, feels great and never needs to be washed off. These advantages make it possible to see long-term results.The supercharged formula that”s the favorite of plastic surgeons and upscale spas and salons! The Ageless Secret is an incredible new kind of moisturizer that is totally healthy for your skin. Beautifully hydrates, softens and dramatically improves skin suppleness to fight wrinkles and the first signs of aging.The Ageless Secret relies on harmless and time-tested, all natural ingredients combined into a gentle formulation using The Ageless Secret’s exclusive homeopathic-like manufacturing technology. The ingredients in this completely non-toxic product are: Purified water, MSM, Aloe and Trace Minerals, catalyzed with Niacin, Ho Shou Wu, Helichrysum and Cayenne Pepper.  $39.95 Click Here