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Wildlife confused by EMF – are we next?

Video by Starling Childs, MS, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, on Radio Frequencies and wildlife. It has been shown that butterflies, birds, and other migratory species are having their navigation disrupted by electromagnetic frequencies created by cell towers, Wi-Fi, and other radio frequencies. As Childs describes, even frog’s development is arrested when in an EMF environment. (only 2 min)

HighCappacVoiceCellConnectIf these unseen wave “hazards” are the “canary in the coal mine” harbingers of what is happening to us on a genetic and subliminal level, then we should pay attention. With the push for smart phones, smart meters and smart houses, there will be no getting away from these frequencies which are alien to our body. Symptoms will arise and diagnosis will not target EMF so there really will be no cure for future illnesses. Our advice is to fight the siting of cell towers and smart meters which directly could affect your health, and restrict your use of cell phones. If that isn’t possible, used texting more and don’t hold the unit – put it on a table. The radio frequencies emitted by cell phones can harm the neurological make-up of your body which after time can manifest in symptoms of disease. See this website for more info on this subject.