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Ten Days to a Longer Life workshop coming soon.

happyseniorEDITWe are finished creating our online workshop Ten Days to a Longer Life. We now need to create the videos for your viewing. Just to give you and idea of the subject matter: Modules on 1.Why we Age 2. Mind over Body 3. Longevity Foods 4. Foods that Derail Longevity. 5. Digestion. 6. Food Intolerance.  7. Basic Longevity Supplements. 8. Joint Problems & Arthritis 9. Stress and Sleep. and several bonus modules including Gluten-free Recipes and an intro module where we tell you our stories and how we treated our symptoms naturally.

If you are on our announcement list, stay tuned for the release date. If not, please download our free ebook Think and Feel Younger and that will put you on the list.

-Nina Anderson, C.N.L.P., S.P.N., author of 18 books on natural health                     -Suzel Cable, Certified Nutrition Coach




New seminar in the works

Dr. Howard Peiper and I are putting together a new audio seminar series on the Secrets of Staying Young. We taped the first one “Diet, Minerals, Enzymes and Essential Fatty Acids” and are taping the next 5 during the next month. We will have important guests that give powerful information on what you can do to prevent the aging process, get rid of wrinkles, and information on what could cause some of the debilitating illnesses associated with aging (and how to possibly prevent them). So go to the website  and check it out.