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overcoming senior moments

overcoming senior moments.

I wrote this with France Meiser. It’s a simple book but gives you good info to keep your mind sharp and prevent you from going to the funny farm when you get older.

feeling younger with HGH


Putting back something you lose as you get old. Dr. Davs explains how beneficial Homeopathic HGH is to keeping us young.

secrets of staying young: Book


Howard and I wrote this years ago…. stuff still helps keep our insides young… neither of us has any problems, arthritis, memory loss or extra weight…

What this blog is for…

Welcome to my blog where we all want to stay young! I will post tidbits on things that I find that can keep our bodies, faces and minds young even as those birthdays keep piling up. I welcome your input. We all can learn from each other about products, and techniques that keep a sixty something always forty something!