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Low magnesium may inhibit vitamin D

A review published in the Jnl of American Osteopathic Assn found that vitamin D cannot be metabolized without the body having high enough magnesium levels. Vitamin D can increase our calcium and phosphate levels but if your magnesium levels are low you may suffer from vascular calcification which is prevented by sufficient magnesium. This mineral also helps prevent osteoporosis attributed to low levels of vitamin D. Dr. Mohammed S. Razzaque, professor of pathology at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine says ” without magnesium vitamin D is not really useful or safe.”

And, if you have enough magnesium you won’t need huge amounts of D. The RDA for magnesium is 420mg for men and 320 for women but our diet only gives us 50% of this. Foods high in refined grains, fat, phosphate and sugar contribute to magnesium deficiencies. Foods providing magnesium are almonds, bananas, beans, broccoli, brown rice, cashews, egg yolk, flaxseed, green veggies, milk, mushrooms, oatmeal, pumpkin and sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, sweet corn and whole grains. But unless you eat a lot of these it may be prudent to take a magnesium supplement. – reprinted in part from Nutraceutical World, April 2018.

*Note: the liquid vitamin complex I take contains 300 mg magnesium and 2500iu vit. D-3.   (Vitality Combo)

Zach Bush MD on autism, cancer, dementia, etc and gut connection

Great interview on disease based on gut problems and the cause that came from a change in our body when we started using pesticides (specifically glyphosate better known as Roundup)…. Amazing how many explosions of cancer, autism, MS, etc happened just after we started using toxic pesticides on our lawns and gardens!

If you only have time for a little segment listen from minute :33 to :40  and learn about the effects on the body and how we are destroying our cells ability to communicate. In an experiment he showed how quickly a cancer cell formed after removing the electron gap which facilitates cellular communication.

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