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Grand Jury holds covid perpetrators accountable

Worth spending the time watching this. Renown scientists, doctors, etc from around the world share their agenda for holding accountable for crimes against humanity, those perpetrators of the covid hoax. You may buy into the conspiracy theory about this, but education is the best defense for what is happening to the human race. I ask you consider listening and keeping up with the subsequent proceedings so you can make up your own mind about our possible future.


L-lysine Reported to Halt Coronaviruses

Whole Foods magazine recently published an article interviewing Bill Sardi on the effect L-lysine has by inhibiting the reproduction of the covid virus thereby reducing sickness. According to Sardi L-Arginine is an amino acid that the covid virus depends on to replicate. L-Lysine seems to confuse the virus because its chemical structure is similar to L-Arginine and it uptakes the L-Lysine instead which inhibits its replication. The article gives many test cases and success in several countries. Worth a read and probably getting a jar in your pantry!

Lysine Reported to Halt Coronaviruses: An Interview with Bill Sardi