Do you dread taking vitamins?

Every time I read an article about a dietary supplement that would “cure” what ailed me, another pill bottle went in the closet! And who gets really enthusiastic about taking all those pills just to stay healthy? 

 So why did I decide to stop taking my vitamin pills?

 I found a better way...  

About a year ago I got tired of taking so many vitamin pills. I just kept thinking about all those gelatin capsules that had to be digested in my stomach. I read  that according to The Physicians Desk Reference, vitamins are 98% absorbed in liquid form but only 20% in pill. So that meant I should take more pills??? And, my husband kept forgetting to take his vitamins, mostly I think because he just looked at the mass of capsules I gave him and zoned out!

But he needed some help with memory too. So I did some research and found a liquid that included just about everything I was taking in pill form plus some things I wanted but just couldn’t bear the thought of another pill bottle in my closet. The Daily Metrix came in a package with berry flavored Vibrant and Clear phospholipids which are found in high concentrations in the lining of practically every cell of the body, including brain cells. They help brain cells communicate and influence how well receptors function. I could use that too!! I excerpted the website info below but to get the full story plus all the research click here or the link after the description from their website.

DAILYMetrix Functional Liquid, is powered by HUMIC & FULVIC technology, and supplies important nutrients that are not found in most diets. It includes 310 of the Earth’s finest nutritional ingredients including all the Natural Vitamins, 74+ Natural Ionic Minerals, Amino Acids, Phytonutrients, Whole Foods, Digestive Enzymes, Fatty Acids, Herbal-Botanical Elements and More…

According to their web page the results I could expect were: Balance pH, immune support, metabolic and Oxygenation support, cellular electrical potential enhancement, heart, cardio and lympatic support, organ cleanse and detoxification, colon and digestion support, joint support, anti-aging and vision support, more energy and mental clarity and weight management.

And all I had to do was drink 1 oz. per day. I was in!!  My husband was happy too!

Plus the phospholipids in the package Vibrant & Clear Phospholipid Wafers” are good for our  memory and set the foundation for all the nutrients to work better in the body. This contains a proprietary blend of phospholipids and glycolipids that enhances cellular membranes of the mitochondria (the energy furnaces within our cells), thus allowing nutrient uptake at the cellular level so that the mitochondria may produce more ATP — the body’s energy fuel. Taken together, these two supplements are scientifically combined to offer the best nutrients to address your current issues and for a healthy and vibrant aging process.

*And these products are ok for vegetarians, contains no artificial stuff and non GMO!


Check out their details on www.LongLifeNews.com : Click on “Learn More” and read about the Vitality Combo.