Omega3 deficiency linked to heart problems

According to Dr. William Harris people who tested sufficient for Omega-3’s in their red blood cells resisted acute coronary syndromes better, slowed their “cellular aging”, are less likely to develop ventricular arrhythmias if admitted to the hospital with Myocardial Infarction, had lower inflammatory markers, and had a slower heart rate. Those with Omega-3 deficiencies who had heart problems died at a faster rate than those with sufficient quantities. Patients with severe sleep apnea showed lower levels of Omega-3. People with depression showed lower Omega-3 levels. (excerpted from Whole Foods, November 2011, “The Omega-3 Index”, Richard A. Passwater.)

[note: I have been using an essential fatty acid product for several years that is a parent EFA (not derived like those from fish oil). My inflammatory markers came way down and so did my cholesterol levels. This brand had an Iowa study done which proved these parent oils were successful in lowering arterial plaque. This brand is called YES and can be purchased at at a discount.]


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