Happy Holidays and a glowing skin!

skincareTo all our visitors we’d like to wish you a happy holiday season and great new year.  We thought we’d touch on skin care in this post because as we age we always want to keep our face from showing it so will try most anything! There are some precautions you ought to know about.

Researchers have found that what we put on our skin goes directly into our bloodstream and possible into the liver. Recent studies from the Univ. of California dermatologists confirm that skin absorption is the major route of entry into the body. This means that if there are toxins in your make-up or skin cream, they will end up being filtered by the liver in an effort to detoxify our blood. This means it can tire out the liver compromising its ability to remove other toxins from food and the environment.

So what can you do? Read labels. Ingredients thought to be toxic that are including in skin products appear in labels as mineral oil, petroleum, petrolatum, propylene glycol, isopropyl alcohol, ceresin, toluene, benzene and parrafin to name a few of the 800 commonly used in skin care products. It is best to do some research on natural ingredients like aloe, bee products, coconut oil, herbs, jojoba, honey, witch hazel, olive oil.

Remember that if “you are what you eat” then you also are what you put on your skin. Even sunblock can have toxic ingredients. The safest we’ve found is Badger’s zinc oxide. Even many brands found in health food stores contain toxins not synergistic to health and longevity.

And especially during the winter, stay hydrated with a good multi-electrolyte concentrate added to water. Our skin dries out quickly and this contributes to wrinkles.. so drink up and keep that humidifier on!

Excerpted in part from Natural Skin Care by Alana Schwartz, www.OurBerkshireTimes.com 

Resource: www.electroblast.com multi-electrolyte rehdyration concentrate

Some natural skin products: Click Here


4 responses to “Happy Holidays and a glowing skin!

  1. Desiree DeSerrano

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  2. Great article.
    You mention many good reasons to consider carefully the danger of using chemicals on human skin. A suggestion: argan oil from Morocco is a simple solution. It’s been used for centuries and its health benefits and safety are well-documented. Not only that….but women in Morocco (and now women in the west who have begun using it as part of their cosmetic regimen) know that it’s a great asset for beauty–i.e. adds shine to hair, not oily, great for skin, nails, diaper rash, and many other things. .One caveat: argan oil is so popular now (deservedly according to my wife) that cosmetic companies are mixing it into lots of their products which also contain lots of questionable substances. Argan oil is best if used in its pure form–no additives whatsoever.
    Argan oil is ideal for cosmetic purposes. It is a lightweight oil that is absorbed much faster and is far less greasy than other oils. Rapid absorption coupled with its moisturizing essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and anti-aging carotenes make it a perfect skin and hair-care product. Some of its benefits:

    Rejuvenates skin and protects its flexibility
    Reduces fine lines, blemishes and signs of aging
    Protects against premature aging caused by oxidation
    Conditions and repairs dry, damaged hair while restoring its luster and shine
    Erects a barrier between your skin and hair and environmental pollutants
    Helps reduce skin inflammation and sensitivity
    Substances in argan oil called triterpenoids offer amazing skin protection benefits including tissue repair as well as anti-inflammatory and sun-protective properties. The oil contains 80 percent unsaturaturated fatty acids, is oxidation-resistant and contains .8 percent sterolins that improve skin metabolism, reduce inflammation and promote moisture retention. It also:
    Soothes skin problems including chickenpox, acne, psoriasis and eczema.
    Prevents and reduces pregnancy stretch marks.
    Penetrates skin and promotes well-being during therapeutic massage.
    Helps heal diaper rash and burns.
    Argan oil, in its natural form, containing none of the artificial additives, dyes or fragrances that are typically found in synthetic skin and hair care products, is noninvasive and producing no side effects or long-term problems. With a zero hazard score, it is nontoxic and safe enough for infants and children…

    – See more at: http://sheerargan.com/

  3. I use Luminesce which is a cellular rejuvenation serum derived from adult stem cells that contain over 200 key human growth factors & cellular messengers. I have seen improvement in my skin and crows feet in 5 days. Check out my website to get more information and educate yourself on this scientific breakthrough. http://www.heatherslater.info

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