Can Fish Oil contribute to prostate cancer?

fishIn the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, a study was published finding that men with high levels of fish oil in their blood had an increased risk of developing prostate cancer to the tune of 43%. In the New England Journal of Medicine, a study by Dr. Topol cited that large doses of fish oil don’t prevent heart attack or stroke. Add these reports to other recent findings and you wonder where to get your omega 3 and 6s.

Plant sourced EFAs (essential fatty acids) may be the answer. Oils from fish can have toxins, including mercury that may build up in the body. Plant oils when derived from organic sources would be purer. Fish have no oil glands so creating fish oil supplements basically means you get “juiced” fish and the processing may alter the natural oils. Plant oils such as evening primrose, flax, safflower, pumpkin, sunflower and coconut oils can be blended to provide a good alternative. These are excellent sources of “parent” omega 3 & 6.

Another misnomer is that you need more omega 3 than omega 6 because you get the 6 in your diet. Unfortunately its the quality of the 6 that is important. Most omega 6 is received from diets high in transfats (the cancer causing ones) from processed foods where the EFA becomes ineffective. You can also overdose on Omega 3 which is abundant in beef, chicken, fish and pork and weighted omega 3 supplements. This can cause serious health problems as the body requires significantly less parent omega 3 than 6. More than 97% of your body needs at least a 4/1 ratio in favor of “parent” omega 6 over “parent” omega 3 because that is what your tissues and organs require. But it must be a healthy form of omega 6. Plant oils can supply this in a balanced organic blend. This will also provide the perfect balance of omegas to assure cellular oxygen update and help prevent illness such as cancer, whose cells are unable to live in an oxygen rich environment.

Fish oils may end up coating cells and preventing the oxygen uptake. The proper fatty acids can alleviate this affecting the permeability of cell membranes to molecular oxygen by increasing cellular oxygenation by up to 50%. This creates an unfriendly environment for cancer. Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry (26th edition, 2003) confirmed this oxygenating ability of EFAs. Therefore, if you want to get all the benefits of essential fatty acids in a balanced treatment we suggest you do more research on plant oils. The one we’ve been taking since we got educated years ago is YES (that’s the brand name). A link is entered here for your convenience.


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  1. I can recommend you check out the “Lyon Trial”. The Lyon trial was a “secondary prevention trial” in which supplements were given to those who had already suffered some kind of attack. Previous trials had often used fish and fish oils as the source of the supplement. However, in this trial plant-derived omega-3 fatty acids were used. The beneficial effects were found to be twice that of fish oils with a significant drop in coronary events.

    More on this is in article

  2. Thank you for the information

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