The #1 supplement I use

deerYou may not have heard of velvet antler (the humanely harvest rack on a deer) but it has so many good uses I thought I’d mention it. I’ve used it for my knee problems and it has eliminated that bone on bone grinding and supported my knee during meniscus tears so I can still ski. It also is great for supporting skin which we need as we wrinkle.  Just thought I’d include it in a post in case you need to fix something it can help.

Used for:

  • Anemia – increases blood cell production (due to method of antlers to grow quickly)
  • Anti-inflammatory – reduces inflammatory response
  • Fracture recovery speeded up – velvet polypeptides promote osteoblast precursors
  • Immune support – builds white blood cells and increases T-cells (studies show   lymphoma cells are not promoted)
  • Joint support – as an anti-inflammatory reduces pain, assists in tissue regeneration by  assisting in renewal of replacement stem cells and providing growth factors
  • Muscle/Connective tissue supported – due to neurotropin growth factors (nerve repair)
  • Osteoarthritis relief – green lipid mussel included in formula. Velvet slows down the  loss of cartilage, anti-inflammatory, stimulates cartilage repair  (glycosaminoglycans) and inhibits enzymes that deplete cartilage nutrition.
  • Skin support – antigen control from allergic conditions, anecdotal evidence for relief from psoriasis in humans and alopecia in dogs
  • Stress mitigation – supports the adrenals as reactive to stress
  • Wound healing – tissue regeneration due to the growth factors and NACGlucosamine present in the antler. Clinical trial have confirmed quicker heal times with velvet antler
  • Contains:
    • Hyaluronic acid (cement of connective tissue)
    • Glycosaminoglycans (A family of carbohydrates that help with the maintenance and support of collagen and elastin)
    • Condroitin sulfate (cartilage protector)
    • Glucosamine sulfate (important for joint elasticity and cartilage)
    • Glycosphingolipids (essential proteins for cell metabolism)
    • Collagen (structural protein for skin, cartilage, bones)
    • Essential Fatty Acids (anti-inflammatory and energy source)
    • Minerals
    • Monoamine-oxidase inhibitors (mood enhancers)
    • Prostaglandins (anti-inflammatories)
    • Phosphorus (essential for bones and teeth)
    • Polysaccharides (blood clotting regulator)
    • Amino acids (building blocks of protein)
    • Growth factors (aid in cartilage cell development)

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