Block the CoronaVirus with dirt?

The untold anti-viral that can be used against the Coronavirus

Excerpted from the book Viral Immunity, Dr. Howard Peiper author                      Click Here for the ebook

Sealed away from wind and rain for millions of years are great deposits of animal and plant materials that have decomposed and then been compressed together by the millions of tons of earth over them. This process locks in their nutrients providing seventy-two natural ingredients. Humate is a safe material existing in all soils (dirt)!

What exactly is this miraculous substance? Humic acid. Scientists have most appropriately referred to it as the antiviral answer. One of the many reasons for excitement involves the effects humic acid exhibits when dissolved in water (or combined with body fluids). Humic acid is the smallest, most complex, most highly refined naturally occurring water-soluble substance on Earth. Tiny amounts remarkably transform the molecular structure of water, making it intensely more active and penetrable. Humic acid then assists water in its job of dissolving and transporting. It helps carry nutrients into the cell and waste products away from the cell, while also assisting in neutralizing toxins and invaders.

Humic acid has the dramatic ability to penetrate even deadly ultramicroscopic viruses. As we have previously discussed, viruses are super small and live only deep inside the cells of plants, animals and humans. Viruses even live inside other microscopic disease-causing organisms, where they “hitch a ride.” Viruses encapsulate themselves in an impenetrable protein barrier where defense mechanisms cannot reach them. Humic acid puts a coating around the viruses and preventing the virus from adhering to a healthy cell. The viruses then become vulnerable to attack by the immune system. Yet this is only the beginning. Humic acid also has the amazing ability to alert the immune system to the virus or disease invader and to regulate and strengthen the immune system!

Scientists have determined that to successfully treat many serious diseases, including those caused by viruses, the immune system needs to be controlled selectively. Humic acid is able to do this naturally by suppressing certain immune responses while increasing others.\\ Humic acid’s ability to selectively inhibit/complement the body’s immune response is one of the reasons it has been successful in treating and even curing diseases traditionally thought to be incurable. Historically, as documented in the Chinese Materia Medica pharmacological compendium dating back to the 15th century, a then famous medical doctor, Li Shi Zhen, used humic acid as the active ingredient in the treatment of infectious ulcerous growth and female hemorrhage disease. These treatises showed humic acid to be an efficient anti-inflammatory and blood-coagulating agent.

More recently, many reports on the beneficial use of humic acid for human health and medicine have been published. Many medical schools and hospitals in China have engaged in extensive studies on the toxicology and pathological aspects of humic acid and their clinical applications. Hundreds of research papers have now been published nationally in China, while many have appeared in international journals and have been presented at conferences outside of China. Chinese doctors now use humic related medicines to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, control bleeding, to regulate the immune and hormone systems, to heal digestive tract disorders, and as an anticancer and antitumor therapy. Research shows that humic acid naturally acts as a massive broad-spectrum antibiotic and antiviral medication equal to or even superior to those known and produced by the pharmaceutical industry today. Clinical studies show that negative side effects are non-existent when using humic acid at the recommended dosage. No problems or negative side effects have ever been reported by any in the scientific literature. Extensive laboratory and clinical testing has proven absolute safety for human internal and external use.

What enhances humic acid’s effectiveness? Humates contain both humic and fulvic acids. Fulvic acid is a chelator and “carries” the minerals. Humic acid is the dilator, increasing the cell wall permeability. The increased permeability facilitated by the humic acid allows easier transfer of the minerals from the blood to the bones and cells. Humic acid also encapsulates the viruses in our body, thus making the viruses vulnerable to attack by the immune system. It further prevents the viruses from reproducing. The agents for this are called viral fusion inhibitors (through a special proprietary process, the humic acid is specially treated and sterilized). This process makes this particular humic acid the most effective antiviral product on the market.

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