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Powerful personal story on domestic abuse and mental illness

This is a powerful new story told by the daughter of a women who suffered from domestic abuse, attempted suicide and incarceration in a mental institution. This book was written from the perspective of the mother and takes us through her emotional lifetime of trauma. I edited it and was totally engulfed in the tragedy and surprised at the ending. It is worth reading if you or anyone you know has been involved in the fear and sadness of a domestic situation or who has faced suicide or mental illness. I learned a lot and am much more empathetic for those who undergo this mental dysfunction. It will be out in February 2019.

Link to the book for pre-publishing purchase: Click Here

The Shattered Oak by Sherry Genga

A once vibrant oak tree in her yard began dying, voicing cries of help through its dead leaves and moss-covered branches. Inside the house Barbara too was in crisis, the recipient of her husband’s anger and rage. As time passes Barbara can no longer stay strong. While she deals with her own demons, the oak too weakens. Based on a true story, this woman takes us inside her emotionally charged existence, letting us feel the anguish of domestic abuse, divorce, attempted suicides, and incarceration in a mental institution. A savior finally unravels the mystery surrounding her dysfunctional mental state and leads her on the path to recovery. This book is a must-read for anyone going through domestic abuse or depression, or family members who are trying to make sense out of the situation.

This is an excellent book. We, as physicians, must always question that the obvious answer may not be correct. Medicine is a career of learning, unlearning, and learning anew as new diseases and cures are discovered. We should never avoid questioning a diagnosis or treatment as was well demonstrated by this book. –Mark Tuttle, MD