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Bad Dude trying to survive the shot

I’m a covid shot bad dude that’s just trying to survive! The story on how I take over your body..

What if I am reincarnated as mRNAs’ssss. And let’s go really sci-fi and imagine I am reincarnated as mRNAssss’s wrapped in a lipid nanoparticle (LNP) bubble. And what if, I happened to be injected into someone’s arm muscle. Well, surely, since I am injected intramuscularly with a pretty heavy gauge needle (22–25-gauge 5/8 inch (16 mm), I get inserted pretty deep and in copious amounts into muscle tissue.  I can’t really see anything yet because of this fat bubble I am in (LNP). But all of a sudden I feel us moving! So fast!

Since we have been reincarnated into mRNAs, we can simply find ribosomes and start translating ourselves into the butterfly proteins. So we are a spike protein now! Hallelujah. We can do so many things! But we have to be careful: there are cells everywhere looking to eat us and turn us into alphabet soup. These so-called antigen-presenting cells just love to gobble up foreign proteins like us and regurgitate our entrails and mount them on major histocompatibility complex (MHC) I and II molecules. If they do that, then those T cells and B cells can detect our ground-up guts mounted on these complexes and then build an army of cells that can recognize us and kill us! We do not want that. We want to exist. We seem to be doing alright in that desire. We also have to make sure that we don’t end up killing this person we got injected into! That wouldn’t help anyone, now would it?

We can embed ourselves into monocytes and other cells like epithelial cells due to their proclivity to express ACE-2. But there’s a problem here. Through no fault of our own, we are causing some serious micro-clotting issues all over this person’s body by binding all these ACE-2 (Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 gene) and CD147 (pattern recognition molecule in the innate immune response) receptors. These inflammatory mediators produced in response to our presence are in overdrive and the entire system is on fire! Hyperinflammation abound! The normal systems that regulate the anti-inflammatory response seem to be on vacation and it just won’t seem to stop. And it’s all because of little old me!

So we got catapulted all over the body, triggered the T cells (a lymphocyte of a type actively participating in the immune response).and B (A type of white blood cell that makes antibodies) to respond accordingly with their specificness all along the way, but we avoided all of that other stuff. Until this body flushes me out (which could take 15 months unless they inject me again!), I am probably going to cause some systemic problems while I am here. Of these problems includes the dysregulation of the innate immune system, the (subsequent) induction of a hyper-inflamed environment and so many thrombotic event


We also know that something is very, very wrong with these COVID-19 injectable products with regards to persistent hyperinflammation and a plethora of systemic and physiologically-comprehensive adverse events including death from micro-emboli formation and clotting. This burst of immune overreaction, also called a cytokine storm*, damages the lungs and can be fatal. Symptoms of this can be  Decreased number of immune cells   Elevations in markers of kidney or liver damage   Elevations in inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein (CRP)   Abnormalities in markers of blood clotting   Elevated ferritin (involved in infection response).

Natural anti-inflammatories and immune support after mRNA vax:

*The underlying mechanism of vitamin D could be promising in suppressing the cytokine storm. It has also been shown that Quercetin and Vitamin C markedly inhibited mRNA expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines Improving zinc intake/zinc status improves/modulates/enhances immune function. The flip side is, while some aspects of immunity slow, others increase. Uncontrolled immune responses drive excess inflammation. Zinc helps to balance all of this. Foods that are high in zinc include oysters, crab, lobster, mussels, red meat, and poultry. Cereals are often fortified with zinc. Curcumin has been demonstrated to suppress several inflammatory cytokines. Hymoquinone which is the active ingredient in N. sativa seeds (black seed oil) has demonstrated effects in significantly reducing the cytokine storm chances. N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a precursor to glutathione. NACinhibits cellular entry and replication of some respiratory viruses, assists in clearing thickened mucous from the airways, suppresses inflammatory signaling, and may help mitigate viral infection-induced cytokine storm and may also protect against coagulation problems. 

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