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Keep your pet safe during the holidays.

img_0472We offered this in 2014 but in case you forgot, figured it was important to mention again.

Tips to keep your pet safe during the holidays. Those great holiday plants are a pretty accessory but don’t let them eat mistletoe or holly…poinsettias aren’t lethal but can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Don’t let them drink the water under the tree especially if you’ve added longevity chemicals to keep the tree green, and don’t let them eat pine needles.

Make sure you keep tinsel and ornaments away and make sure they can’t chew light wires. Also they my chomp down ribbons and paper so watch them. Snow globes are filled with antifreeze which could kill them so if one breaks clean it up and keep the pet out of the room while cleaning.

 Make sure you don’t leave chocolate, gravy, spicy foods, cooked bones, alcohol where your pet can ingest it. Candles should be extinguished while you are not in the room as the pet may knock it over and burn your house down. Also potpourri can make them sick as can those oil fragrance sticks (the oil can be lethal).

And last but not least, keep your pets away from party guests if they seem to be getting stressed due to all the commotion. Best to keep them in a safe space until the party is over.

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