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GMO apples – yikes!

appleA Canadian company (Okanagan Specialty Fruits) has announced the introduction of GMO Arctic Granny Smith and gold Delicious apples into the US market. The purpose was to resist browning when the apple is cut. How many people really care if they turn brown? This is part of being an apple.

Anyway, the company claims they will clearly label the apples as Arctic brand, but unless people know that means GMO they will not see any “red flags”. The US Apple Association is not supporting this and Canada’s BC Fruit Growers Assn. is advising buyers to avoid all US Granny Smith and Golden Delicious apples if they want to be certain they are not consuming GMO.

Some hazards to eating GMO foods that have been reported are allergies, resistance to antibiotics, ingestion of pesticides, suppression of genes in our own bodies or overexpression of genes, causing a wide variety of results. One consequence of overexpression, for example, can be cancer.

*researched from Nutraceuticals World, Nov 2015 and http://www.care2.com