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Homeopathy and the virus

Homeopathy has been successful in treating other epidemics. In 1931 cholera struck Europe where conventional treatment showed a 40-80% mortality rate while homeopathic treatments only saw 9%. For example, in Vienna 1350 of 4500 patients died while being treated allopathically with only 18 deaths from 309 patients who were treated homeopathically. [1]

From 1862-1864 cases of diphtheria in Broome County New York showed 84 deaths per 100 cases (84%) treated allopathically and only 20 deaths per 125 cases (16.4%) treated homeopathically.[2] The influenza epidemic in 1918 saw 20 percent of the people worldwide affected with 50 million deaths. The average mortality under standard treatment ranged from 2.5% – 10% while only 1% died under homeopathic care. Dr.Herbert A. Roberts from Connecticut reported that data from 30 homeopathic physicians on 6602 cases only showed a death rate of 1%.[3]

With the success revealed in these statistics we can only wonder why mainstream medicine is reluctant to give any credence to this healing modality. Epidemics will continue to surface as they have throughout recorded history. It is worth a look at the efficacy, low cost and safety that homeopaths can offer in this current time of pandemic.

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