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JFK’s girlfriend tells all~

All the recent focus on the anniversary of the shooting of President Kennedy gave me reason to post this. One of our authors dated him before Jaqui and in her book tells a lot of revealing things.  A few are listed here but you might want to pick up a copy and read more.  From the recent press release:

Jayne Blodgett Murray tells the story of her life in her autobiography, The River’s Bend, and reveals and interesting side of the former President when she dated Congressman Jack Kennedy.

According to Jayne, “Long before Jack met Jacqui, I was introduced to him through a blind date. From then on rather than call, he most always sent telegrams to ask me out. It never occurred to me that Jack had the potential to be president of the United States because he never came across that way at all to me. Jack had about the biggest absentee record of anyone in Congress at that time, and didn’t like people who babbled – he was very impatient and I think it was because he must have been in pain a great deal of time.

In the book Jayne revels more about Jack that was very strange for instance why he got typhoid, how little ambition he had and how he never carried any money. “One of the reasons Jack and I got along so well was because we had both experienced being sick in our childhoods and had spent so much of the time reading. We could empathize with each other about being bedridden as young children. Jack was extremely thin and had a yellowish cast to his skin, which I attributed to the Atabrine he had to take for malaria.”

On one of Jayne’s many trips to the family compound in HyannisPort, Jack asked her to go horseback riding. This was fine except she hadn’t brought any pants with me so Jack loaned her a pair of his blue jeans. They were a little tight and during the ride she split them out so brought them home to sew them. They are still in her sewing pile!”

In her book Jayne continues with more memories about JFK, her attendance at the wedding to Jacqui and the Inauguration, and takes us back to a time without computers, when men still pulled chairs out for women, when Vietnam raged, JFK was shot, honeymoons on freighters were in and women emerged in the workplace. Renee Wahlen Tillema, editor of InSpire Magazine say in her review of The River’s Bend, “What a remarkable life! This book is hard to set down; I wanted to know what would happen next in this adventurous tale.”

Available in an e-reader format or paperback.   http://amzn.to/1a5zBFK