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Natural help for Parkinson’s

The virus isn’t the only thing people are addressing with their health. For those who are facing Parkinson’s, a friend wrote a very informative book that talks about contributing factors for Parkinson’s and what natural treatments may offer help.

Parkinson’s Disease is not just a dopamine production problem, but a multi-faceted health disease with many factors that contribute to PD that should be taken into consideration as essential in determining an overall treatment strategy.  For example, these may include breaks in the blood-brain barrier, gut flora imbalances, inflammation, mitochondria dysfunction, heavy metal build-up, exposure to environmental toxins, over medication, hormonal imbalances, excessive alcohol consumption, chronic stress and other variables that play a role in PD and health overall.

Another example is that deficiencies in any of the following vitamins such as Vitamins B1, B6, B12, D3, E and minerals including iron, magnesium and selenium can all result in mimicking symptoms of PD, so need to be tested.

The brain is not a stand-alone system but is integrally connected to the health of the body overall, so looking at treating the whole body along with targeting Parkinson’s Disease symptoms and lack dopamine production is essential for maximizing treatment and overall body and brain health.

This book is a self-help guide in ways to help prevent and treat Parkinson’s Disease (PD) naturally, with over 640 peer review research studies supporting the recommendations covering diet, exercise, targeted supplements, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, yoga, juicing recipe, essential oils, intravenous glutathione therapy and much more.

Natural Parkinson’s Support by Michael Edson, MS, L.A.c Click Here for more info