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AAP touts reasons to go organic

A clinical report published online in October by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) highlighted the attributes of organic foods and provided guidance to parents as to healthy food choices.

They cited the following contributions of organic foods:

. Lower exposure to pesticides known to cause disease.

. Lower exposure to drug-resistant bacteria.

. Higher beneficial nutrient levels.   

. Lower levels of detrimental substances such as nitrates.                                                                                        

. Yields comparable to those of conventional farming techniques while avoiding environmental pollution and reducing fossil fuel consumption.     

 . Lower pesticide exposure for farm workers

. Lower overall environmental impact than conventional farming.                                                                                                           

They warn that scientific research demonstrates that pregnant women and children are uniquely vulnerable to exposure to pesticides. It would make sense to consider that the rest of us could be affected too. So next time you shop for food weigh organic pricing vs. supermarket offerings. It may be a tad higher, but then what is your health worth and how much will you eventually spend on doctors and medicine when the toxins catch up with your immune system.

-excerpted from Vitamin Retailer, Jan. 2013