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Which protein shake is best.

Traditionally, drinking a protein shake was assigned to athletes and dieters. Not any more!  

People on the “go” want an easy to prepare a meal or snack.  Drinking your nutrients without exerting the energy of digestion will reduce overall stress.  I frequently tell my clients:  if you are stressed don’t eat until you can savor every bite.  You can’t assimilate nutrients if you are experiencing a “flight or flight” adrenaline rush. A daily liquid meal does not need much blood to process it.   This is less stress on the body.

When picking a protein shake, it should be from a raw source with a high ph, organic and not dairy based.   Raw hemp is packed with nutrients and live enzymes that improve digestion and absorption.  It has a high quality of branched amino acids. The branched amino acids are leucine, isoleucine and valine.   Muscle tissue is high in branched chain amino acids. Strength training and endurance activity uses up greater amounts of branched chain amino acids than regular daily activities.  Branched chain amino acid are  in animal food including dairy products and hemp.

A lot of people like whey protein! Whey is controversial.  It is from milk. Milk protein allergy affects a lot of people  I know because I test for food sensitivities.  Food sensitivities might be derived from the pasteurization process. Pasteurization denatures fragile milk proteins and renders them allergenic.  It also destroys lactase, the enzyme necessary for digesting lactose, the naturally occurring sugar in milk.  A simple switch to fresh from the farm raw milk solves both of these problems.  Hemp protein has a good quality branched chain amino acid plus the added benefit of essential fatty acids.   Both whey and hemp improve the immune system.  The disturbing issue with milk is exposure to high levels of radioactivity due to the nuclear power explosions. The world’s supply of milk is affected more than a plant-based food because of the fat stores of a live animal.  Check your iodine levels periodically to ensure the safety of your thyroid gland from over-exposure.

More about the components of a good quality shake coming soon on this blog