Help for dry mouth

mouthMy neighbor had tongue cancer for which she had surgery and radiation. The upside is that she is cancer free (she also did a lot of adjunct therapy with supplements). The downside is that the radiation wrecked her salivary output so she suffered from dry mouth.

This a condition that three out of every ten adults in the U.S. suffer from. It can be part of the normal aging process, or brought about by smoking, snoring, exposure to environmental irritants, prescription drugs and a side-effect of certain medical conditions in addition to chemo and radiation treatments. If left untreated dry mouth can lead to enamel erosion, tooth loosening, gum disease, and even interrupted sleep.

You have probably seen ads on TV for dry mouth medications or supplements. Some of these have not-so-nice ingredients and many are based on calcium/magnesium and other words you can’t identify. Xylitol is a sweetener used in some that are lozenges. While this is a natural sweetener that is known to affect certain people with anxiety and in my case, caused panic attacks. It did take me a while through an elimination process to target xylitol as the trigger for my panic which I had under control for many years. Too much xylitol over a period of years has also proven to cause tumors. And if your dog gets into it… bye-bye poochy… very lethal.

What my neighbor discovered that worked great was just adding a multi-electrolyte trace mineral supplement to her water. It seems that by adding more than just the calcium and magnesium (her brand had trace elements of copper, manganese, zinc, cobalt, selenium, silica, Iodine, potassium and sodium in it). She has had no dry mouth since she started on this regime. The brand she bought was electroBlast.

If you know of anyone with dry mouth, please let them read this article. In a hurry to get rid of the symptoms they may choose a product that is chemically based and/or has ingredients that may cause other symptoms. Pure electrolyte seem to be the best choice.

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