New advice on being happy.

I just did a video on an easy trick to get over depression, low self worth, anger, sadness (at least temporarily). Check it out:  It’s the 2nd one on the page for my upcoming Reinvent Yourself webinar series.

3 responses to “New advice on being happy.

  1. Loved the video — loved your beautiful cat. I will try to follow your advice!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I SMILED while viewing Nina!

    Glenna Blackwell
    New England Section Governor
    CT Chapter Ninety-Nines

  3. Loved this – so true – nothing worse than being around crabby (old) people – think about Betty White and how much fun she is to be around!! I want to keep my sense of humor too – maybe do a video on how to think funny as in haha!😊😊😊
    Kim C

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