Natural help for allergies

If your allergies are seasonal and really annoying you may want to consider some natural help. Quercetin is my favorite as it helps stabilize the release of histamines from certain immune cells which decreases some of your symptoms like coughs, watery eyes, runny noses and even hives.

Bulking up on vitamin C will also help control histamine reactions. I find the best absorbed C is Camu Camu. Also important is vitamin D3. As we know this is good to fortify the immune system in the winter to prevent the flu but it also can shore up the immune system to fight allergies in the spring and summer. One of my favorites is Manuka Honey. I actually put a little bit up my nose and within minutes it seems to attack pathogens and cause my nose to run. Soon I find it clears out. The active ingredient, MGL methylglyoxal, has been shown to be effective for treatments against nasal mucus. Do some of your own research on this exquisite treatment from New Zealand and see if it can help you too.

Butterbur extract can help alleviate headaches and congestion as it blocks the swelling in the nasal passages. It is like an antihistamine without the drowsiness side effect. Another old fashioned (but now trendy) home remedy is apple cider vinegar. Not only can you takes some orally to alkalize the body but if you use a Neti pot to steam your head, put some in it and see how it helps to flush out your sinus’.

And of course to try to control production of mucus you might want to consider eliminating diary (especially cheese), eggs, potatoes, bananas, corn products, sweets and white processed carbohydrates. You also need to make sure you are taking a well-rounded vitamin complex to keep the immune system strong.

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