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Does your wrist hurt?

There are quite a lot of symptoms common to us all when it comes to wrist joint pain.  Knowing its causes is the first step to finding relief.  With wrist pain, the first thing you’ll experience is a shooting or burning pain in the areas close to or inside your wrist. Often you’ll also have a sense of numbness which will grow worse as the day goes on.  It starts as an annoying tingling sensation that is uncomfortable at first and excruciating later on. 

There are a number of causes for wrist joint pain.  Pain is subject to hand-wrist orientation.  It can occur in specific hand-wrist positions while not at all in other positions.  Either way this pain can cause the loss of strength making the grasping of everyday objects a major chore. Some but not all sufferers will experience wrist joint swelling as well.  When that happens you’ll really want to have access to a quick acting relief solution, such as a pain cream that also treats the inflammation which is causing the swelling. Taking an anti-inflammatory such as curcumin or holy basil can help reduce the swelling (http://www.foreveryoungcooperative.com). 

There are many common repetitive activities that are known to affect the wrist and cause wrist damage and its joint pain. The number one cause is our many hours of typing on a computer keyboard.  Doing that for long periods of time, without a break, exacerbates this condition.  Other known work related causes happen in the construction industry because workers who regularly handle and use vibrating tools. Athletic activities such as playing handball and tennis will also bring about wrist suffering and its related painful conditions. Doctors call this condition Carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition can happen to anyone regardless of your general health, life style, gender, origins, ethnic derivation or your age. 

Chronic wrist joint pain could be caused by other connective tissue diseases to.  Many times it comes about from predisposition towards arthritis or rheumatism.  Other times wrist joint pain results months or years later after suffering from a hand and wrist injury.  Work or play related physical trauma often leaves deep-seated, yet not easily visible bruising on your wrist often from just a minor injury. You cannot risk sustaining any painful injury without proper medical care because you’re never sure of the extent of the injury by just the pain you feel.  It’s always a good idea and very important practice, that you see a doctor after any trauma to the delicate bones in your wrist. 

Simple quick ways to deal with and treating wrist joint pain is easily found in your kitchen or medicine cabinet.  Using either an ice-cube pack or pain relief gel can offer a quick and temporary answer until you can look into better ways to make yourself well. Applying a topical cream with cetyl-myristoleate, glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM will give relief in many cases (http://www.jointmedic.com).