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Is your pet getting sick because of your wifi?

I don’t mean to harp on this subject but it needs to be said. A big article came out recently in the Innovative Veterinary Care magazine from Canada regarding the effects electro-pollution had on our pets (us too). I am taking out bits from that article.

Ionizing EMR (electromagnetic radiation) are known to cause direct damage to cells and DNA such as those from x-rays. Non-ionizing EMR is low-frequency found coming from our electronics and are thought to be safe if they don’t create heat, but studies have shown that is a fallacy. Evidence from studies and research has shown that EMR even if it doesn’t heat tissue, compromises normal physiology and intercellular communication leading to the breakdown of healthy cellular processes. If the cell deteriorates its membranes harden, free radical damage occurs, nutrients can’t find their way in and toxins can’t be removed.

Other problems occur as endocrine function is harmed and vets have seen a marked increase in endocrine disease in pets over the last 20 years. EMR radiation is a hormone disruptor and causes reduced melatonin levels which is a key hormone in keeping free radicals in check. Tests showed increases in human breast cancer cell growth when exposed to EMR. We have also seen an increase in pet cancers lately even when they are kept indoors (perhaps in a WiFi environment). As melatonin is key in suppressing the development of breast cancer, it also supports the killer lymphocytes and enhances the ability of vitamin D to inhibit tumor growth.

Many studies are also reporting the effects of EMR on wildlife with one showing when mobile phones were placed in a honey bee hive, worker bees stopped returning and honey production steadily declined. It is not only our indoor pets that we need to be concerned about. Riders on horseback who keep their phones turned on and in their back pockets are exposing the animals to high electromagnetic radiation.  And remember that your dog, cat, gerbil, pet bird, and fish are tiny compared to a human. Therefore a small amount of exposure would be much more lethal as it has shown to be to a small child.

Best solution is to keep phones away from pets, to limit use of WiFi and investigate one of the subtle energy technologies, diodes and pendants you can affix to their collar or cage to harmonize the frequencies and make them less destructive to the body.

Excerpted from:  IVC Summer Issue 2018 Evaluating the Effects of Electro-Pollution on Human and Animal Health by Katie B. Kangas, DVM, CVA, CVCP

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Doctor says “its all in your head”.

electromagnetic-field-98656_640When you develop mysterious symptoms and you go to the doctor and he can’t find any reason for them, he says it must be psychological.  So you go home, and through the process of elimination try different diets, clean your house more, meditate more, stop using chemical cleaners, etc….. and your symptoms are still there!  Could you be “allergic” to something unseen?

We have many friends who have developed sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. These are those invisible waves coming from your computer, cell phone, Wi-fi, microwave, plasma TV, fluorescent lighting, the GPS in your car (or airplane if you fly one), and even the wiring in your house. Symptoms can manifest as headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears, nausea, exhaustion.  The name for this affliction is electrohypersensitivity (EHS). According to research it  is characterized by a broad range of nonspecific multiple-organ symptoms implying both acute and chronic inflammatory processes, involving mainly skin and nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and gastrointestinal systems, in most cases self-reported in absence of organic pathological signs except skin manifestations .

For folks with EHS it is difficult to go anywhere since most of our environments are filled with these invisible waves. There is a non-profit website that explains this further and is trying to develop a list of places that are free from wifi, cell towers, smart meters, etc that these folks can stay when they travel or even find permanent housing. If you know of any place like this please contact them. SAFEHelpsYou.org